Social and civil justice comes in many forms and often overlaps with health and wealth disparities in the United States.

African American women die at 3-4 times the rate of their counterparts. This is only echoed by the fact that these women are 234% more likely to die after pregnancy, 22% more likely to die from heart disease, and 71% more likely to acquire cervical cancer. This gap in our healthcare system is largely attributed to the fact that healthcare and access to treatment are almost entirely tied to economic standing. This is only worsened by the social inequalities that are stratified over a lifetime such as access and ability to afford healthy food, clean drinking water, access to higher education, and better jobs. To face these problems, we must take a head-on approach to not only healthcare but the inequalities that still stagger in systematic oppression. Of course, these are only a few of the many challenges that face the African American community which are, in part, secondary to decades of oppression and maltreatment. 

Enormous health and wealth disparities among the 437 Congressional Districts, and the obvious correlation between longevity and wealth, drives the point home for all citizens. In longevity, our District ranks 184th from the bottom, with our residents living an average of 5.1 years less than residents of California's booming Silicon Valley region. Social Justice includes the right to equal life-expectancy!


I want to earn your vote so that I can fight for every constituent in our district—rich or poor, Black or White, Republican or Democrat—to ensure that ALL citizens of our nation have a fair chance and opportunity to reach their full potential.