Our Democracy is in great danger.  As a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, political action committees accept unlimited donations from billionaires and corporations.  This is changing the landscape of our political system, enabling a few to pursue an unchecked agenda of greed and power—and causing ordinary citizens to lose trust in their government.  We need leaders who are committed to reversing Citizens United.  Leaders who represent the interests of the many rather than of the few.

We will not reverse Citizens United overnight:  still, there are steps we can take to introduce more accountability into our campaign finance system.  I support legislation that requires campaigns to disclose their donations; moves us toward public financing of elections; demands accountability; and, requires and expects truth in advertising.  As your representative, I will seek allies who are committed to organizing with civic leaders to advocate for campaign finance reform.  We need leaders who will unequivocally support reversing Citizens United. 


Stop the Privatization of Public Institutions

Whether it is our health care system or criminal justice system, our military or schools, Medicare or Social Security, Republicans are pursuing the privatization of America's foundational institutions: they are putting profits before people.  America's public institutions, which should serve the common good, are being threatened.  Privatization leads to less accountability and transparency.  It leads to lower safety standards and more hazardous health and safety problems.  Privatization divides Americans into "winners" and "losers."  It ought not to be that way in America.  I will advocate for projects that favor workers over corporations and make sure that labor always has a seat at the table.


Expand Access to Voting

Nearly 50 years after the heroic efforts by leaders of the Civil Rights movement led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Supreme Court made the unconscionable decision, in 2013, to gut the Act.  This decision has had a catastrophic effect on our democracy.  We must reinstitute the full protections of the Voting Rights Act; additionally, we must expand voting rights throughout the country.   I support automatic voter registration for all citizens who reach the age of eighteen.  Automatic voter registration will level the playing field, empower ordinary citizens, and dramatically increase civic participation across America.  For too many Americans, access to voting is difficult and inconvenient.  For this reason, I will support legislation to expand early voting and make Election Day a national holiday, one that honors, for example, one of our president's birthdays or commemorates a national hero like Martin Luther King.  The current system does little to encourage people to vote. If we create a system that boosts registration and makes voting more convenient, we can take an important step toward restoring power to the people.